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After you have read all the books you have and binge watched Ozark on Netflix 6 times, why not broaden your horizons by visiting a national park or touring a famous museum? "But I have to stay home!" you say. Well, yes you do…but don't let that stop you! You can visit all those wonderful destinations you've always hoped to see right from the comfort and safety of your own home. Check out some of our favorite virtual destinations!


Feeling like you need a bit of culture after hours of Tiger King?

Visit all those famous museums you've always wanted to see but never had the time or money. Best thing is; you can now do it for free and in your jammies!

> Start your tours here <


Cancel your vacation this year? 

Check out these GORGEOUS 360 degree aerial panoramas and virtual tours of some of the world's most interesting places. Travel around the world without jet lag:

> Choose your destination here <


Missing the adrenaline rush of your extreme hobby? 

Go to YouTube and search for VR 360 Extreme for videos of everything from roller coaster rides, white water rafting, hang gliding and rock climbing.


Craving the excitement of attending a live concert?

NPR has a continuously updated list of artists performing live or sharing previously recorded concerts. You can find just about any musical genera that you can tune in to at almost any time. 

> Click here to find NPR's list


Feeling cramped in your home?

Feel like a royal for an afternoon while you virtually tour some of the world's most famous castles. Appreciate that you don't have to worry about cleaning a space that big!

> See them all here <


Needing to enjoy some of the great outdoors?

Try virtually visitng some of the country's best National Parks. These places are full of beauty, history and excitement and you don't even have to leave the couch to see it all. 

> Visit your favorite here <


And when you can't endure any more excitement, take a walk around your neighborhood. Sometimes there's nothing better than moving your bones and breathing some fresh air.  Stay safe!


The Coronavirus pandemic has forever changed our world, and no industry has been changed more than the travel industry. Airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies have laid off countless employees, and empty hotels became temporary hospitals.

We are all ready for things to return to normal and are anxious to move about the world. We don't know when travel will recover completely, but before the flood gates open, you need to have a plan so that you are ready when it does. Here are a few tips to consider before paying the outlandish prices we know are coming and getting in line with everybody else: 

Track Flights

Think about where you want to go and begin your research with Google Flights. Once you put in your desired destination, Google Flights will track every flight over $300, giving you an idea of how high or low these prices are. It will also track the history of the prices of these flights compared to what they have been in the past.

Southwest allows you to switch at the last minute from one US location to another US location for no additional fee. A real plus if you decide to extend your vacation to visit family or friends while you're out and about. 

Do You Have the Right Credit Cards?

Finding the right credit cards is difficult at first, but once you get into it, it's not hard to gain traction. Some cards give you a mile for every dollar spent. Many people travel only using their card miles. To earn miles fast, use your card for everyday items like daycare, groceries, gas  – then pay off the card balance with your debit card, or even by making monthly payments. Some cards give you more flexibility, rewards, insurance or protection while you're traveling outside of the US. 

Have You Heard of the Trusted Traveler Program?

US Customs and Border Protection offers a global entry option. It requires a $100 non-refundable fee and in-person interview, along with a lot of the same items you need to get your passport. Once approved, you receive the benefits for five years. (After five years, you will have to re-enroll.) Some benefits you will receive:

  • For re-entering into US airports, you can just check in at the Global Entry kiosk which keeps you moving - saving you two hours or more in lines
  • Faster entry into other countries
  • TSA pre-check, meaning no paperwork or long processing lines
  • Some credit cards will actually reimburse you the $100 fee


Book hotels that will allow free cancellations. If at some point you are unable to travel, or there is another COVID19 recurrence, you will not be at a loss. 


Handy Hacks 

Make a list of the WIFi passwords to the airports you'll be in ahead of time:


Go Incognito

Browse through your travel plans in INCOGNITO. Don't do any searches without doing this!

Airlines store your cookies, giving them information about your travel plans and leverage to raise their prices. 


Order Ahead

At you can order any menu items at the airport you are going to. Your order can be ready for pick up as you breeze your way through to your gate. No lines, no waiting and you get fresher food!


Label Your Luggage "FRAGILE"

 Luggage labeled "Fragile" is usually put on top of the piles, which also means first one out.

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