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The Psychology of Design

There's a psychological reason behind everything we like or dislike in our lives, and our favorite design trend is no exception. Your favorite color, design style, and furniture type says a lot more about you than you may think.

Color and Pattern Trends for 2020

The current trends for 2020 are very exciting! Designers are pushing the boundaries with color, and the spaces they go into. These colors lend themselves to organically combining solids and prints. Whether your design style is traditional, modern or trendy, you can't go wrong with a neutral color or by adding natural wood statements and big vintage pieces to you room.


  • Darker Oceanic Greens and Navy's
  • Pantone color of the year: Classic blue
  • Accents in pinks, apricots, caramel, grey and yellows
  • Beautiful Garage Doors
  • Use of Fiber Cement Siding
  • Natural Wood Elements
  • Metal Roofing
  • A Bridge between Working and Living Spaces
  • Solar Panels
  • Bigger Driveways and Walkways
  • Floral Wallpaper
  • Dramatic Vintage Pieces
  • High Contrast Décor- Black is Ok Now
  • Non-White Kitchen
  • Color Pop Cabinets
  • Patina Patina Patina 
  • Indoor Olive Tree and Going Vertical Garden Boxes
  • Kitchen and Antique Art
  • Outside Furniture comes IN like Wicker and Rattan 
  • Cozy Curved Furniture with Warm Soft Accents. 
  • Mohairs and Worn Leathers.

Whether you choose just one or two, or want to hold on tight and run with all of these ideas, you will be on trend with your upgrades. From the sound of rain on a metal roof, living a little greener with solar panels, or being excited to see your garage door because it isn't boring anymore, a simple change can make such a difference. Turn your rooms into art pieces! Your home tells the story of your journey through your upgrades.




Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Getting your home ready to sell already has a huge list of tasks, but on the top of that list is painting. Have you customized all the paint colors in every room? If you are an eclectic paint person, chances of finding another quirky person to love all your choices is like finding a diamond. When wanting to sell your home it is best to choose several like colors in the same family and paint each room that way. You never want to paint the whole house one color, like the 2005 band-aid tan but you DO want to paint in like colors. If you are going with a grey, then stay within the family or tones of that color. If you choose a warm color, then you can also branch out to warm white or beiges. 

Colors that pump up your ROI are essential in not only selling your home, but also getting more bang for your buck!

Colors to Add:

By painting your front door in a charcoal or dark grey or navy blue can possibly attract $1500 more to an offer.

Having a taupe living room allows the space to feel warm, inviting and flexible for would-be buyers to see changes they would like to make. This can raise your potential by $1500.

Blue in any of these rooms also ups the selling power. In the kitchen add classic blue (the 2020 color of the year); bathroom and bedrooms, think periwinkle. You probably do not want to do more than one room blue, but whichever you choose could add another $1000 of value to your home. 

Colors to Avoid

If your living room is blue, you could possibly devalue the price by the same amount of money, as well as, yellow kitchens, dark brown or stucco exteriors, red dining rooms or white bathrooms. 

Colors like orange, purple, black and red are color you want to avoid. People usually do like these colors, but they make it hard to visualize anything else because they are so bold. If a looker can't visualize what they would do in this house they simply will not buy it. 

Use yellow with care. Yellow is a very helpful buying color when done correctly, but incorrectly could look like big bird instead of a sunny morning yellow.

When painting your exterior, plan to use a "Greige" - somewhere in the middle of beige and grey. Not only is it a neutral color, but it adds value to your property.

Minimum is Key

Painting goes a long way and if it's something you can DIY - it will be a huge cost you saved and get in return. 

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